Partnering with industry’s best

Partners are a critical and integral part of PST’s business.  Customers want to work with partners who have regional and industry specialisation,  while at the same time having access to and influence over PST’s product development.

PST works with a global network of specialised channel partners who understand the cost engineering and project management environment, who have a solid understanding of information technology and who are able to best serve our customers.

Customers can rest assured that by working with an accredited partner, they will be fully supported and have access to the best resources available.


Understanding your business

Intimate knowledge of the clients business is vital in order to work effectively to solve problems.  Industry specialisation is also key to successful project management.  Regional factors, language and culture can also be vital to ensuring customer satisfaction.

PST focuses on supporting channel partners in their crucial role.  We focus on producing high quality easy to use software products that incorporate the latest technologies.   Our partners in turn focus on applying these solutions to solve specific customer problems.

Become a partner

Seize the opportunity to join a network of like minded, specialised professionals and organisations that focus on best practice in project management and control.   The opportunity is in sales, service and product development in an exciting and thriving market.

There are two partner categories that might interest you:

Accredited resellers Accredited resellers have the necessary technical and project management / control skills and are authorised to sell and fully support PST products.  Accredited resellers maintain a minimum number of PST trained staff which service a region.
Associate partners Associate partners specialise in project management and controls and are authorised to sell PST products in a region.  PST provides the necessary support to Associates during the pre-sales and support processes.


PST is currently recruiting specialised channel partners around the world.  Let us know that you are interested and we will send you more information.

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