Costrac is a flexible and feature rich software application for managing project costs, forecasting and reporting.  It is fast becoming the standard used by many enterprises on complex capital projects.  It’s multi language and currency support make Costrac ideal for international scale projects.

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ePimms is a fully integrated project information management & monitoring system which addresses the need for a single enterprise system to collaborate and integrate information required for all of the various project management disciplines.

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ProSys is a comprehensively documented methodology aligned to PMI and ICEC standards, covering more than 10 core project management processes.  Included with practical templates and standards to guide your company to a successful project outcome.

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PST’s solutions are designed by engineers and project managers in response to typical problems experienced in capital projects. These solutions fall in the areas of cost control, cost engineering, quantity surveying and project management.

Each of these specialists is faced with a unique challenge in the project environment. PST’s best in class software perfectly complements your existing financial and project planning systems.

Cost control

Project costs need to be controlled according to a work breakdown, facilities breakdown or cost breakdown structure because this is the way projects are managed.  Within each work package, commitments are made against approved budgets and approved change notices.   Work is released to the suppliers based on the project plan and budget. Work completed is assessed and suppliers paid according to actual progress while tracking individual performance.

Forecasting project outcomes

A financial accounting or ERP system is good at providing historical information; it is however not useful for forecasting  on capital projects that can span many years.  Project managers need to know the future to be able to take early corrective action when things deviate from plan.  This can have a major impact on the final cost and end date of the finished project.


  • Costrac for cost control and management
  • ePimms for dashboards and collaboration
  • ProSys for process standards and procedures

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