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Imagine your project costs in control. Imagine being able to forecast accurately and detect problems early enough to take corrective action. Imagine tracking quality throughout the project. Imagine using flexible, powerful software tools that make all of this simple and intuitive. No more spreadsheet nightmares. No more manual capturing of data from one system to another. Improved discipline and more accurate reports. We can show you how.

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PACE builds easy to use and flexible software solutions for project cost and quality control. Our solutions are used in capital projects of all sizes and by customers across many industries, including construction, petrochemicals, mining, process manufacturing and energy.

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Cost Control

Easily control your project costs by breakdown structure, track and authorise changes and manage the procurement process


No nonsense reporting of committed costs and earned value; while easily forecasting costs to completion and project cash flow


Microsoft SharePoint based portal linked to real time project information that enhances productivity and collaboration and empowers your whole project team with relevant information

Not sure what to do?

We have you covered, even for the biggest projects. We can help you with a proven project roadmap that explains exactly what process to follow and what deliverables are required at each stage with exactly who is responsible

Test drive Costrac

Getting your hands on Costrac has never been easier. Costrac is available in a personal edition that runs on your desktop, a cloud edition that is available on demand and a fully featured server edition for on-premise installation. Get started and test drive a system today. You can talk to our experts, arrange a demonstration and learn how the system can help you track project costs.

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