Your projects on track

Control authorised expenditure committments against budget while tracking change requests, actual costs and earned value.

Flexible and adaptable

Widely recognised by industry leaders as the most flexible tool available capable of project forecasting and cash flow management throughout the project schedule.

Forecast precisely

Detect problems long before they escalate, measure earned value and key project cost ratios to predict end points of cost and schedule.

Costrac features

Scope Management

  • Grouping of projects and sub projects
  • Breakdown of work into cost and schedule elements
  • Ensure all work is defined
  • Dictionaries, pick lists

Work Management

  • Group cost elements into work packages
  • Assign work package owners
  • Charge out rates for resources (WIP)
  • Release work to resources
  • Timesheet

Cost management

  • Flexible account codes
  • Units of currency and project base currency
  • Group costs into types (services, EPCM, purchases etc)
  • Budgets and commitments
  • Vendor invoice reconciliations
  • Record accrued costs


  • Forecast final costs, cost to completion
  • Cost trend analysis
  • Linked to schedule – time phasing information
  • Standard EV reports and analysis



  • Current budget
  • Original and current baseline
  • Budget change management – change notes and change orders



  • Create procurement packages linked to cost elements
  • Enforce project procurement strategy
  • Capture and monitor vendor specific data



  • Set up approval levels on all processes
  • Workflow notifications via e-mail
  • Limit authority by cost breakdown structure and process
  • Can manage access with integrated Microsoft Active Directory





  • Comprehensive standard reports
  • User defined reports
  • Excel pivot tables
  • Third party reporting tools




  • Multilingual
  • Interface to ERP
  • Interface to project scheduling systems
  • Implementation methodology and support




Costrac is a flexible and powerful tool for managing inter-alia budgets, forecasts, commitments and costs in a project environment.

Costrac integrates to your accounting systems such as SAP, Accpac, Tranquillity or DeltaERP etc.  Costrac can also integrate to your project scheduling system such as Microsoft Project, Oracle Primavera etc.

Costrac helps you manage all cost transactions in a project to report on progress and forecast where the project is going.

Costrac has an edition for you

Costrac version 6 is available as three editions.  A Desktop edition for the small business or consulting practitioner that runs on a single computer.  An on demand Cloud edition  where the hardware and software are hosted by PST, and a full enterprise Server edition for the most demanding situations capable of multi site multi country scenarios.

Shorter projects

Cloud Edition
  • Monthly subscription to PST hosted service
  • Setup multiple projects and associated configuration
  • User management
  • Full transactional functionality
  • Partial Cost/schedule integration
  • Workflow and e-mail notifications
  • Multiple users
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Large projects

Server Edition
/Enterprise Server
  • Setup multiple projects and associated configuration
  • User management
  • Full transactional functionality
  • Cost/schedule integration
  • Custom reports
  • Workflow and e-mail notifications
  • Analytical tools
  • Integration to financial and reporting systems
  • Data archiving and warehouse
  • Multiple users
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements?

Each edition (desktop, server and cloud) has a different set of requirements which can be found in the detailed specifications by clicking the “Learn more” button in the version comparison table above.

Costrac is built on Microsoft technology and the installed versions will only run on Windows desktop and servers.  The cloud version is hosted on PST servers and can run on most browsers that are connected to the web.

Can I upgrade between editions?

The upgrade process is documented in the product documentation.  You can upgrade from Desktop to Server edition. You will need to move the data between versions.  It is not possible to downgrade from server edition to a smaller edition without some data loss.

Note that the desktop edition is currently at Version 6.2.  It is not possible to move from a version 6.3 edition to a version 6.2 edition.

Do you provide training and support?

Training and support is provided by our accredited channel partners.  Partner provide level 1 and 2 support,  as well as support for your customisations. PST provides level 3 support for all products (which means that we are responsible to fix bugs and defects).  Training is provided in classroom, on-site or online.  

Do you offer refunds?

Costrac is specialised software and you are encouraged to evaluate it before making a purchase using our demo system.  Our partners will work closely with you to determine the scope of your licence and installation,  so it is unlikely that there will be a request for refund during the project.  We do offer a full refund for the desktop edition within 21 days of purchase.

What if there is no channel partner in my country?

PST works with independent consultants and partners located around the world.  We have a global resource pool of resources that provide coverage of regions where there is no established channel partner.  We are actively building our partner network and encourage you to refer potential partners to us if your region is under serviced.  The ideal profile of a successful channel partner is a company that is specialised in cost engineering and project management, and that has a sound technology capability as well.

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