Costrac – Desktop Edition

This edition is designed for use on a single computer.  The Desktop edition is ideal for the smaller consultancy who wants to use the power of Costrac to provide cost controlling and tracking services to clients.  It is also ideal for the individual cost engineer who needs a system that runs on a PC in locations where there is no existing enterprise infrastructure.      Since all the data is hosted on a single PC and there are no integrations to external systems there are some limitations,  but in all other respects the desktop edition is identical to other versions of Costrac.  You can of course connect your Excel pivot table or other analytical tools to the local SQL Server database.

When you purchase a Desktop Edition our team can assist you with the initial setup and training.  It might be necessary to get some assistance in the setup stages if you are not already familiar with Costrac.

Should you later decide you need to upgrade, we have data migration tools that can be used to move your data into the Costrac server edition,  so your investment is protected.

Licensing model

Costrac Desktop Edition is available for a single user and on a single computer.   Your database is hosted locally on a desktop version of Microsoft SQL Server.

Initial setup and training (if required) by PST and partners will be at the normal service rates.    Support is charged where the problem does not relate to a software bug or intrinsic defect.

You will have access to the resources on Eigaworld.  Several online training courses are in preparation which will assist you in getting the most out of your system.

The desktop edition is licensed as a once-off licence fee.   Upgrades in future will need to be re-licenced or purchased as part of a maintenance contract.

Please contact your accredited reseller for pricing information.

System Requirements – Desktop Edition

  • Windows 7/8 32 bit and 64 bit versions. (Note that Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft).
  • At least 4GB RAM
  • At least 2Ghz quad core CPU

Included with the Desktop Edition Licence

The following components are included in the Costrac Desktop Edition Licence and may only be used within Costrac:

  • Microsoft IIS Express
  • Microsoft SQL Express 2008
  • DevExpress
  • Crystal Reports
  • dotnetCharting


  • Automated Software Interfaces are not possible
    • Any Financial Application interface such as: SAP, ACCPAC etc
  • Only 1 user can use it, on 1 computer
  • Custom reports can’t be developed
  • The system cannot be integrated to external systems (Financial, ERP etc)
  • There is no workflow capability

Costrac desktop edition is currently only available in Version 6.2.

Typical deployment scenarios – Desktop Edition


Project cost control specialists

Remote locations without established infrastructure and connectivity

No need for customised reports

Not integrated into other systems, no workflow etc.

Frequently asked Questions

Can you use Costrac Desktop Edition with project schedules and financial data?

If your schedule data is in the right format and available on your computer (or accessible via the network) you can interface from Costrac to Microsoft Project, Primavera (SQL database on your computer), Gnome Planner and Excel.   Interfacing to financial systems is achieved by exporting data from Costrac pivot tables and then importing into other systems.  These interfaces are typically run in batch mode and require some manual interventions.

What database does Costrac Desktop edition use?

The database is Microsoft SQL Server desktop edition.  There are some licensing restrictions on the database,  for example it can only be used as a part of Costrac.

Have any further questions?  Our pre-sales team is ready to help you here.

Applicable to Version 6.2.  Updated March 2015