Costrac – Cloud Edition

This edition allows you to use Costrac without investing in your own hardware and licence.  This is suitable for shorter projects and less complex scenarios.  The software is totally hosted in the cloud and is available on demand.

When you purchase a Server Edition our team can export your data from the cloud for uploading to your on-premise database.



Licensing model

Costrac Cloud Edition is available as an initial setup cost and a monthly subscription.  You can run the cloud version with a single user or multiple users.  Your database is hosted in the cloud and you can only access your data through the application.

There is no annual software maintenance fee and PST will maintain the server on your behalf.  The monthly fee includes telephonic and e-mail support.

Each module is licenced separately as follows:

  1. Core module (required)
  2. Estimating module
  3. Earned Value module
  4. Procurement module
  5. Work requests and timesheets

Please contact your accredited reseller for pricing information.

System Requirements – Cloud Edition

A suitable broadband internet connection

Current versions of Internet Explorer,  Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

Recommended:  Microsoft internet explorer

Included with the Server Edition Licence

The following components are included in the Costrac Server Edition Licence

  • Crystal Reports
  • dotnetCharting
  • DevExpress


30 days written notice is required for licence cancellations.

  • Automated Software Interfaces are not possible
    • Primavera SQL Server
    • Any Financial Application interface such as: SAP, ACCPAC etc
  • Certain analytical tools cannot be used:
    • Data analysis tool’s access to data such as:
      • Excel (Pivot Table), MS Access
      • Data warehousing and “Business Intelligence”
      • Client SharePoint
    • Limitation to the amount of Electronic Document storage for “attached” documents
    • Custom reports can’t be developed

PST does not guarantee 100% availability of the system owing to the need to maintain the servers and software; our reliance on third parties, connectivity limitations and transient network conditions.  In general however the system is very reliable and service levels will be outlined in your contract.

Applicable to Version 6.3.  Updated March 2015

Typical deployment scenarios – Cloud Edition

Short projects

No integration required

Few specialised users on the project – no workflow envisaged

No need for customised reports

Limited budget for software investments