Introducing ePimms – powered by Microsoft Sharepoint

ePimms is a fully integrated project information management & monitoring system which addresses the need for a single enterprise system to collaborate and integrate information required for all of the various project management disciplines.

ePimms has been created using many years of both national and international project management and project controls experience.  The first versions of ePimms were built in 2006 and the system has evolved every year.

It is built using the latest software technologies available to ensure its longevity and user-friendliness.

ePimms can operate at different levels in your organization, whether it be at Portfolio and Program or at Project level.

It was designed to support the business processes of a company and facilitate internationally accepted best practice in supporting the Initiation, Planning, Execution, Control and Close-Out phases of Projects.

Due to the information requirements in modern day projects, integration is a core component. Integration ensures consistent reporting and a congruent basis for everyone to work from. Modern day technologies make it possible to achieve this and ePimms makes this a reality.

  • ePimms is included with all Costrac server editions at no extra cost
  • Can be hosted by PST in the cloud
  • Recommended as a portal for your PROSYS documentation
  • The full power of Sharepoint saves time, avoids duplication and serves as a single collaborative source of project information

Hierarchical structure

ePimms has a hierarchical structure. The PMO (Portfolio Management Office) serves as the central location where summarized information of the various PSO’s (Project Site Office) can be viewed, analysed and congruently reported on.

Flexible platform

ePimms is a multiple tiered database and portal representation product. It uses established Sharepoint technology from Microsoft.   This provides flexibility and the system can be extended to many other areas of your business.

• Improve team productivity with easy-to-use collaborative tools
• Easily manage documents and help ensure integrity of content
• Build a collaboration environment quickly and easily


Process documentation

Easily organise and access process documentation. For example: process instructions, procedures, standards and guidelines.  The necessary inputs and outputs can be clearly defined as required by each individual process instruction and standard.  Compatible with PST’s PROSYS process standard.

ePimms is a portal application that presents project information from Costrac and other systems to teams using Microsoft SharePoint Server.  ePimms consists of live dashboards and collaboration spaces, pre-configured to get your project team functioning as effectively as possible.

The underlying Microsoft SharePoint platform is extensible to many areas of your organisation as well;  allowing project information to seamlessly be transferred into an operating business.

Diverse Reporting

ePimms has over 110 standard reports, however the flexibility of the software can make this amount infinite. The database structure of ePimms lends itself to fantastic analytical and informative reporting solutions.

Project Cost Management

A well established cost management module, utilising many years of experience in project cost management. A module that will:

  • Define and Manage Budgets
  • Maintain Cost Flows
  • Cost Baseline Functionality
  • Commitments Functionality, both internal and external costs
  • Detailed Forecasting
  • Earned Values
  • Cost Review Functionality
  • Foreign Exchange and Multiple Currency Support
  • Powerful Analytical Tools

Glossary of Terms

The A to Z of all project and portfolio terms, which is easily accessible for general reference and added clarity.

Projects Overview

View useful summaries of project processes and access projects and their information from this menu. Filter by industry type and any other characteristics that is defined.

Portfolio Management Office

This is the Central Location where high level processes are explained and graphic based indicators provide portfolio status and valuable early warnings. Other useful information will also be displayed here e.g. Announcements, Surveys and Important Web links.


Manage project resources accurately with the timesheets module. Data provides support for invoices and the numerous filters allow for in-depth analysis of productivity disbursements and resource requirements.

Process Description

Follow the company’s project policies in detail from conceptual to close-out phase. Instructions and guidelines on procedures as well as example documents and process flows are accessed here. This ensures adherence to company governance.

Document Management

A document library for all Portfolio Management Office level documentation as well as a project library for customised project specific documents, all revisions, updates and additions to the libraries are tracked and monitored by the system.

Project Register

This is where you can view and gain access to all your company projects, be it client or internal. Other information available here is a summary of project cost, status and URL addresses for your project.

Portfolio Views

This is the location where a graphic representation can be displayed of the projects within the various portfolios at a company. Strategic planning and execution of major capital projects can severely influence a company’s cash flow and therefore executive members of the board need to make decisions using good data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ePimms the same as SharePoint?

ePimms is built with Microsoft Sharepoint so you have access to all the features of SharePoint in your project.  The advantage of ePimms is that we have pre-configured the system for a typical project environment.  For example, process documentation is pre-configured if you include PROSYS.  Collaboration spaces and document repositories have been configured against best practice, so you don’t need to start from scratch.

If I don't have Costrac Server edition can I licence ePimms?

Yes, ePimms is included with Costrac server edition, but it can also be licensed separately either as an on-premise product or hosted by Eigasoft.

Please contact one of our authorised channel partners for pricing and other information.

Do I need to install client software on every PC?

No,  e-Pimms is accessible using a web browser, and can be configured to be securely accessible through the public internet to reach distributed project teams across the world.

If I buy PROSYS do I get ePimms?

If you buy PROSYS together with a Costrac server licence you get ePimms included.   Otherwise you need to purchase ePimms separately.

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